Terms and Condition

PayPro Services, General Terms and Conditions

These PayPro Service general terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) apply to and bind the Customer (as defined below) and the Company (“as defined below”).

1.1 "PayPro Agent" or "Agent" means any business entity or natural person cooperating with Company (as defined below) in order to enable the Customer (as defined below) to use PayPro Service (as defined below) when doing transaction (as defined below) at such Agent's outlets/gerai/store ;
1.2 "Customer Account" means an PayPro account (as defined below) belongs to a Customer existing in the PayPro System (as defined below) representing the amount of fund deposited in the PayPro System in the customer virtual account ('Nomor Akun').
1.3 "Application" means an interface or channel communication connected between Customers and PayPro system for any transaction developed and managed by Company and partners.
1.4 "Bank ATM" means any automatic teller machine operated by any bank cooperating with Company;
1.5 "Fund Limit" means a maximum fund amount set by Company deposited in any Customer Account, including any change thereof from time to time.
1.6 "CDD" or "Customer Due Diligence" is an identification & verification proces for pre-customer done by Company based on applicable regulation.
1.7 "Force Majeure" means any events beyond control of Company that cause cease or postponement of implementation of obligations of Company under these Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to: lightning strike, earthquake, hurricane, fire, war, explosion, flood, tsunami, sabotage, riot or regulation of the government/regulator or any third party's act beyond control of Company;
1.8 "Galeri Indosat Ooredoo" means any Customer service venue, which is also an authorized representative of Company, existed in any location that has been determined in all over Indonesia;
1.9 "Merchant" means any business entity or natural person performing goods/service trading activities for which it has business cooperation with Company;
1.10 "Account Number" is virtual account number belongs to customer represented balance of e-money recorded in PayPro system.
1.11 "PayPro" or "PayPro Service" means a service provided by Company in order to enable any Customer to perform Transaction using the PayPro System;
1.12 "Customer" means Reguler and/or Premium Customer who has registered himself/herself for using the PayPro Service;
1.13 "Reguler Customer" is PayPro sevices customer who has registered without CDD process and has limited benefits as explained in this terms & conditions;
1.14 "Premium Customer" is PayPro services customer who has registered within CDD process and has more benefits as explained in this terms & conditions;
1.15 "Shopping Payment" means any payment for goods and/or service shopping done by any Customer at any Merchant cooperating with Company;
1.16 "Bill Payment" means any postpaid bill payment made to any party cooperating with Company, including but not limited to bill payments for PLN, Telkom, Subscription TV, etc. where their service payment amounts may be changed at any time;
1.17 "Cash Out" means the cashing out process of any Premium PayPro Customers account conducted through any Agent cooperating with Indosat Ooredoo as explained in article 3.7;
1.18 "Cash In" means cashing in process of any Customer's PayPro account conducted through any Agent as explained in artical 3.6;
1.19 "PIN" means secret key numbers given by Indosat Ooredoo to any Customer or Agent for the purpose of safety of any Customer Account or Agent Account;
1.20 "PayPro System" means a system that administers all Transactions where any party involved in such Transactions has a virtual account representing the amount of fund owned by such party in the PayPro System.
1.21 "Transaction" means any transaction of shopping Payment, Bill Payment, Cash In, and/or Cash Out using PayPro Service facility, at any venue cooperating with Indosat Ooredoo as an Agent and/or a Merchant;
1.22 "E-Money" means electronic payment methode issued by Company as Bank Indonesia lisence and based on applicable regulation.
1.23 "Company" is PT. Indosat Tbk. as e-money issuer.
2.1 Customers register on application by entering the information / data requested credentials as a reference for Company in creating account number. Company will send a verification code to the customer via communication media Short Massage Service ( "SMS"), or any other media that are registered by the Customer;
2.2 After that customer must enter a verification code and if the verification is successful then Customer shall register the PIN in the application for security purposes Customer Account;
2.3 By following registration process as provided in Article 2.1 and 2.2 above, the Customer will automatically be recorded in the System PayPro as a Regular Customer;
2.4 Customers may at any time raise the account status become Premium subscribers through the CDD process;
2.5 The Customer shall always keep the PIN secrecy and shall not disclose it to any other party inwhatsoever condition or manner. All consequences arise out due to negligence, carelessness, or for any use or misuse to the PIN by the Customer or anyone else with or without permission of the relevant Customer, shall be fully burden and responsibility of the Customer.
2.6 Further explanation of the registration function, PIN and activation and CDD process is set in the guidelines PayPro Services which is an integral part of these Terms and Conditions.
3.1 PayPro Service may only be used by the Customer and may not be transferred to any other party without consent of Company. All consequences or damages arise out due to mistake, negligence or carelessness of the Customer himself/herself in using this service shall be fully burden and responsibility of the Customer.
3.2 The PayPro Service cannot be used for transactions if:
(a). The balance is not sufficient
(b). Customer Account is being blocked by the authority or being used for unnecessary to do harm
3.3 In the event of any Customer breaches these Terms and Conditions partly or entirely, Company shall have the right to:
(a). Reject any Transaction conducted by the Customer;
(b). Close and/or terminate and/or block the PayPro Service for the relevant Customer
3.4 Company, by remain considering the provisions of applicable laws, shall have the right to determine and change the Fund Limit at any time through a Written Notification to customer.
3.5 Customer do not get interest for balance deposited in customer's account.
3.6 Customer may conduct Cash In from Customer Account through the following facilities and methods:
(a). Through any ATM of any Member of ATM Bersama, Select "Transfer To Other Bank" menu and then insert bank code "789 and       mobile phone numbers as destination account number;
(b). Through Indosat Ooredoo Galeri and/or any Agent.Coming to any PayPro Agent and do cash in request by giving information of       the mobile account number and the money to be deposited;
(c). Other facilities that will be notified by Company time to time,
3.7 Premium Customer may conduct Cash Out from Customer Account through the following facilities and methods:
(a). Through any Bank Account by transferring balance available in customer's PayPro account to customer's bank
(b). Coming to Galeri Indosat Ooredoo or any PayPro Agent and do cash out request by giving information of the account number       and the money to be withdrawn;
(c). Other facilities that will be informed by Company from time to time.
3.8 If the PayPro Service:
(a). Has been expired or closed as provided under these Terms and Conditions and there is fund left in the customer Account, or       ;
(b). There is no Transactions in the customer account for 6 (six) consecutive months, Company shall have the right to deduct the       fund in the Customer Account for an administrative fee of Rp. 5,000 (five thousand rupiahs) per month without obligation to       firstly notify the Indosat's Customer
4.1 The PayPro Service under these Terms and Conditions shall be valid to the extent it is not terminated by either party as provided hereunder;
4.2 The PayPro Service shall be expired due to the following reasons:
(a). It is terminated by the Customer at any time by filling the closing form available at any Galeri Indosat Ooredoo;
(b). It is terminated immediately by Company, if according to the consideration of Company, the Customer has breached these       Terms and Conditions and/or in contradiction with the regulations of legislations applicable in Indonesia;
(c). The Customer is deceased, bankrupt and/or bankrupted.
(d). At the request of the authorities because the authorities consider that the Customer has violated regulations.
4.3 Customer hereby agrees to waive the provisions under Article 1266 of Indonesian Civil Code to the extent that a judicial decision in a court is required for cancellation.
4.4 Customer hereby represents responsible for and therefore hold harmless Company of all suits and/or litigations in any form brought by any third party including husband/wife/heirs of the Customer with respect to debiting, closing and/or cancelation and/or blocking process of the PayPro Service. Customer undertakes not to conduct any act limiting or impairing the rights of Company under these Terms and Conditions.
5.1 Customer undertakes not to sue Company for all indirect damages including but not limited to loss of profit, loss of earnings, loss of opportunity or any other immaterial damages including due to any claim of any party arising out due to the use of the PayPro Service, abusing of PIN by the Customer;
5.2 Company shall only be liable for direct damages incurred by the Customer to the extent it can be proven that the same is attributable to Company with maximum amount equal with the transaction nominal amount related to the problem;
5.3 Company shall be released from its obligations under these Terms and Conditions in the event of the occurrence of Force Majeure or due to any act of any third party or due to any government’s regulation that cause Company can not provide PayPro Service.
5.4 Company can make changes to the Terms of Service at any time. Changes to the policy on the use of these Terms and Conditions will be posted on the Application PayPro. Changes will be effective when published. Customer acknowledges and agrees that the use of the Service PayPro by customers after the date of publication change the Terms and Conditions shall be deemed as the Customer's acceptance of changes in the Terms and Conditions. If the Customer does not agree with the changes in the Terms and Conditions, the Customer must end customer relationship with Company
6.1 These Terms and Conditions are made and implemented based on the provisions of laws and legislations applicable in the Republic of Indonesia;
6.2 All disputes arising out in connection with the PayPro Service shall be settled under an amicable negotiation to reach a consensus. In the event no consensus has been reached, Company and the Customer agree to settle the problem through the District Court of Central Jakarta.
7.1 Customer agrees to receive offer/information about products of Company and/or along with third party
7.2 Customers expressed are subject to the privacy policy (privacy policy) as contained in the site this site, extent not inconsistent with these Terms and Conditions.