PayPro services

T&C to Claim Your Wristband’s Left-Over Balance

1. You can download PayPro app through link given by text message that sent before or after event.
2. Link information can be seen in Website & Social Media of PayPro, PouchNATION and Saga
3. Left over balance will automatically injected in your PayPro account, with maximum D+3 working days
4. You can claim (download & register PayPro account) your wristband’s left-over balance within D+1 until D+11 working days
5. D+12 working days and after, the left-over balance that not claim (download & register PayPro account) will be expired

ST&C to be PayPro Premium Account:

1. Done register in application form of PayPro app
2. Have KTP / SIM (Local)                                
3. Have KITAS (Foreigner)                                

Benefits of PayPro Premium Account:

1. Maximum balance Rp10.000.000                                
2. You can use Transfer feature in PayPro app                                
3. You can use Cash Out feature in PayPro app                                
4. Total incoming fund maximum Rp20.000.000                                
download PayPro app: