About PayPro Sticker

PayPro Sticker Co-Branding with KCJ is NFC based sticker for tap-in and tap-out at KCJ stations gate. This sticker function is the same with KCJ’s KMT sticker but it is more convenient to top-up at Alfamart or KCJ vending machine. You can attach PayPro Sticker on the back side of your mobile phone or your ID card.

How to Get PayPro Sticker

Alfamart inside or nearby KCJ stations (Jabodetabek only).

Sticker Price

IDR 23.000 at Alfamart (no balance).

How To Top Up

1. PayPro Apps
  • Open PayPro apps, then click Commuter Tab.
  • Click on “Transportation”.
  • Click on “Commuter”.
  • Fill in your PayPro sticker number (16 digits).
  • Choose top up amount (IDR 10.000, IDR 20.000, IDR 50.000 or IDR 100.000).
  • Enter PayPro PIN to confirm transaction.
  • After transaction on the apps succeeded, tap PayPro sticker at Alfamart inside or nearby KCJ stations to load sticker’s balance.
2. Alfamart
  • Ask the cashier for PayPro Sticker top up.
  • Hand over PayPro sticker to cashier.
  • Give cash money to cashier.
  • After transactions succeeded, re-check sticker balance at Alfamart or balance checking box at KCJ stations.

Note: Minimum top-up balance at Alfamart : IDR 20.000.

3. KCJ Vending Machine

Follow the regular instruction for KMT top-up. PayPro sticker acts the same as KMT.

Terms & Conditions

  1. PayPro Sticker balance cannot be cash-out.
  2. Customers are fully responsible for sticker loss or sticker damage.